lady fredy

lady fredy

Boody white singlet
$38 –

Skinny fit jeans
$35 –

Nike footwear
$215 –

Pieces red scarve
$34 –


who says you cant be a princess on your specail day?

who says you cant be a princess on your specail day?

Alexander McQueen satin handbag
$2,705 –

Asprey diamond jewellery
$23,935 –

Crown tiara

the life of an egyption princess

the life of an egyption princess

Mango v neck top
$23 –

Wedge sandals

Louis Vuitton travel bag
$960 –

Long necklace

Club Manhattan metal jewelry
$23 –

all i hear is rain drops falling on my window

all i hear is rain drops falling on my window

French Connection lined jacket

Satchel style handbag

Felix rey

baby its your world

baby its your world

F A V bandeau shirt top
$15 –

Camo pants

Michael michael kor

Abandon Ship beanie hat
$31 –

Rut&Circle round sunglasses
$18 –


you wake up with a dream. a dream of being someone recognizable that  someone where everyone knows your name. you wonder will I be a doctor, an artiest of any sort , a model or even an actor just to get my name up?  the feeling of just not wanting to be a regular sole in this world makes you do the most unpleasant an unthinkable things, but to you , the unthinking sole you believe that its the hardest work anyone will ever do but to the thinking sole your a fool an should be your self, and to the followers your the next big thing. to me its all just a big dream of who gets chosen to be something in this thing called life.